Strategic Marketing Tools for Visual Artists by Janet Bloch

Praise for the Book

"Janet Bloch has helped me with many career questions, but most significant has been her synthesis of my disparate artist statements into one. After using it for more than two years, I find it still expresses my core ideas and has been easy to adjust for specific applications."
--Corinne D. Peterson, sculptor

"Janet has spoken at our conference for many years. Now, all of this vital information is gathered together into one workbook that any artist can utilize to help them reach their desired success. This is a 'must' for any emerging artist who wants to make a career in the arts."
--Amy Rogers, Director, Self-Employment in the Arts Conference

"Janet's guidance and advice was invaluable to my ability to execute the artist's marketing process. She knows what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Her broad experience and knowledgeable guidance offers a comprehensive and clear direction that I could find nowhere else."
--Susie Smith Trees, sculptor

"Janet Bloch's advice was invaluable to me in taking my career to a new level. I now have the knowledge and resources I need to confidently approach new exhibiting prospects in a professional manner. New doors are opening for me all over the place."
--Shari Pettis, painter