Strategic Marketing Tools for Visual Artists by Janet Bloch

About the Book

STRATEGIC MARKETING TOOLS FOR VISUAL ARTISTS takes the mystery out of the professional expectations that exist in the art world. Artists who want to exhibit their work will be guided through a step by step process of creating superior materials to send to venues. This friendly manual is perfectly suited for artists' support groups, classrooms, or for individual use.

There is a great deal of mystery about the art world and its workings. As a result, artists often feel like outsiders. Combining this common perception with the competitive and secretive world of art can fuel the artist's sense of isolation and insecurity. Fortunately, as an artist, Janet shares a mindset with many of the artists she's met. She also understands the "other side" of the art world—the business side. In this book, she explains:

• what makes a great submission packet,
• what belongs in an artist's statement,
• what steps should be taken to build an impressive résumé.

ISBN 978-0-615-41857-5
Library of Congress Control Number: 2010919049
Genre: Non-Fiction / Arts / Marketing
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